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Crafted Wood

Natural Stone

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The woodwork in your garden is a microcosm of the world, full of abstract symbols.

Stone brings with it great tradition within the scope of any modern garden through an examination of its philosophy and the meaning of its essential features.

An important symbol of regeneration. What could be more peaceful than the tranquil sound of water in a garden?

Landscape plantings are important features of private and public properties and must be selected, planted, and maintained with skill.

Complete your garden or landscape

with an artful balance of nature's elements

Elements of Nature Inc.'s projects range from natural stone work, high quality woodworking to three season gardens. Creating the perfect personal sanctuary is their expertise.


"We love to design and install landscape and garden projects with natural stone and timber settings installed as if by Mother Nature herself.", says owner Roy Mangel.

It's about you

Elements of Nature Inc. was founded with the underlying intent of providing a personalized service to meet their clients' needs every step of the way. This is a company built on relationships with our clients.

We blend our artisan eye with our client's needs and feelings to get a finished product that is both functional and brings a smile to their heart every time they look out their window. This is done by allowing our clients to communicate their vision and needs all the way from consultation, to design, to installation. The relationship Elements of Nature Inc. cultivates with their clients is one of trust and understanding that everyone deserves and needs when they are completing their living space.

It's about a higher standard

We feel, as being part of an organic minded community, that we should hold ourselves to the highest standards. Elements of Nature Inc. takes great pride in being an organic company that is mindful to what is needed for proper soil health, because that is the cornerstone of our gardens. Although unseen, the soil makeup is the backbone of the health and longevity of our landscapes. Our dedicated company is passionate about what we do and tap into that passion daily.

It's about your best interests

Our company also installs every landscape amenity with only quality and our client's best interest at heart. On top of our regular landscape services we provide our specialized divisions for water features, stone work, masonry and fine carpentry.



The fusion of usable patio space with natural stone and flowing water is something that feels right at home in the Northwest with the Cascades and Olympics all around us.



18518 Densmore Ave N, Shoreline, WA 98133, USA

(206) 226-7947

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