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A foundation to build upon...

Using natural stone in your Seattle landscape project

As an organic landscape company, Elements of Nature provides extensive hardscape services to homes and businesses in the Seattle metro area. From stone patios to walkways to retaining walls, we like to incorporate natural stone into all our landscape design and yard renovation projects. From the simple to the complex, our staff has years of experience in working with stone with wonderful results.

We believe stone brings with it great tradition within the scope of any modern garden through an examination of its philosophy and the meaning of its essential features. These serene and distinctive parts of our landscape design and gardens, with their potent spiritual force have always inspired us to follow nature’s lead during both design and installation.18

Whether you want your outdoor living space to have a contemporary or natural look, we can design the perfect stone features to match your style. With our years of expertise, we will select the perfect natural stone to use when building your patio, walkway, waterfall feature or steps. We have a holistic approach to our landscaping projects so we make sure all elements of your design work with one another to produce a pleasing result.

Look through our photos of natural stone creations to get ideas for your landscape or garden project and then call us to schedule your consultation.

Stone features to fit your style

Natural Stone elements - beautiful and functional

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