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Northwest Style Meets Modern Architecture

The first thing we did when we bought the house was hire Roy. There was no backyard. There was no fence or anything. We had Roy make the fence so the dogs wouldn’t get out and he helped us design the front and backyard at the same time.

We wanted to make the landscaping relatively maintenance-free meaning, a low amount of grass in the backyard for mowing, but yet enough grass for the dogs to take care of their business. We wanted plants that would be environmentally friendly to the area that wouldn’t eat up a lot of water. Whatever we could do to minimize the amount of daily or weekly yard maintenance.

Roy worked with what we wanted stylistically and he did it within the budget. Where he really shines was in his vision for the design of the yard. He worked with us for what we wanted, which was, I had a thing for large rocks.

He was very professional when he came in and did the job in a relatively quick amount of time. He had his guys working throughout the day and we were very happy with the timeliness of the project. He left us a strip on the south side for planting vegetables. He listened to all the different things that we wanted, like the vegetable garden. And he was able to fit it all in with the rocks and the paths. It was great. It was really good.

The feature I like best about the landscaping is, I think I'm a sucker for the rocks. I thought they were well-placed and well chosen. I like where they're at and what we did with them.

These guys worked methodically, correctly, with skill, and with purpose. When they were moving at the job, it got done. It was raining out during that time. They were in the mud, just like it wasn't even there. Like it could have been a perfect 70 degree day and they were doing their things with their little Dingo tractor.

For all these reasons I'd recommend them. Absolutely excellent.

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